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Priyanka Shitole

Facebook has introduced some new features on March 25-26, 2015 at the F8 Conference. As predicted in previous annual conferences, Facebook wants to grab YouTube’s market share and become a leading video service provider. Facebook is also aggressively updating its systems to offer more features for enterprises so that they can use Facebook as a tool to attract millennials and reach a broader audience. Most of the new features are geared towards businesses and focus on bring them closer to their customers. By letting users connect directly, businesses will focus on customer value creation and customer experiences. Facebook will allow businesses to emphasize customer insights on every step. Businesses can rely on Facebook for successful outside-in strategies.

  1. Embeddable Video Player: In pursuit of becoming the biggest video platform, Facebook has opened its doors to users. Now they can copy videos from their timeline and embed them on their websites. Facebook will also provide detailed insights for video publishers such as data and statistics on video embeds, and video views outside of Facebook. (Embeddable Video Player.) This will result in Read More

The advertising industry is all about the grind. Pressure, deadlines, stress, you name it, and it’s part of what makes this industry so competitive and definitely not for the weak-willed. It’s not your typical nine to five, and you usually don’t punch the clock. Your project is your schedule, and you don’t quit until it’s done.

If the advertising industry has shown us anything about the grind, it’s definitely reflected in AMC’s “The Pitch.” There will always be another project. There will always be more late nights and long weeks. But how does a small agency stay afloat when every project means all hands on deck? Here are a few time management strategies that help them turn out gem after gem with their limited time and resources: Read More

As a student in the marketing and communication field, I have spent my days in school being fed horror stories about agency life. The media portrays the advertising industry as a cut-throat world, full of superficial, conniving coworkers and manipulative, heavy-handed management. Without personal experience, I had no other point of view until my former classmates took off for NYC and their shot at success in the industry. They returned with tales of their own, warning, “It’s tough out there. Agency life is no joke.” No longer just worried but plain intimidated, I accepted an internship opportunity at a small advertising agency in New Jersey. Prepared for the worst and praying for the tolerable, what I found when I walked through the doors at Words and Pictures was drastically different than anything I had imagined.
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Priyanka Shitole

As we know, Google changes its search algorithm hundreds of times each year, although most of these changes are pretty minor. However, some of them change the way businesses are accustomed of doing SEO. Let’s see the recent ones:

ReleasedFeb 23, 2011
(Last updated in 2014)
April 24, 2012
(Last updated in 2013)
August 2013
IntentionsTarget websites with low-quality content and sites with high ad-to-content ratiosTarget sites that do not follow Google guidelines and spam Google for rankingDisplay search results based on user's actual search intent behind the keywords
ImpactDisplay websites with low-quality content lower in the search resultsDisplay spam website lower in search results or ban it all togetherFilter and show more relevant websites

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Priyanka Shitole

With Google changing its algorithm quite often and lots of conflicting information on the Internet, it’s hard for managers and business owners to know how to manage their SEO effectively. They need to be very cautious of how various factors affect their SEO value.

  1. Myth 1 – SEO is all about position on search engine results page (SERP). While a website appearing at the top on SERP seems to be doing well, it is not necessarily generating business. Rank can be improved for a certain keyword and get lot of traffic. But if the site does not have relevant content, then search engines will degrade your website rank over the time. Read More

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