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Priyanka Shitole

As we know, Google changes its search algorithm hundreds of times each year, although most of these changes are pretty minor. However, some of them change the way businesses are accustomed of doing SEO. Let’s see the recent ones:

ReleasedFeb 23, 2011
(Last updated in 2014)
April 24, 2012
(Last updated in 2013)
August 2013
IntentionsTarget websites with low-quality content and sites with high ad-to-content ratiosTarget sites that do not follow Google guidelines and spam Google for rankingDisplay search results based on user's actual search intent behind the keywords
ImpactDisplay websites with low-quality content lower in the search resultsDisplay spam website lower in search results or ban it all togetherFilter and show more relevant websites

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Priyanka Shitole

With Google changing its algorithm quite often and lots of conflicting information on the Internet, it’s hard for managers and business owners to know how to manage their SEO effectively. They need to be very cautious of how various factors affect their SEO value.

  1. Myth 1 – SEO is all about position on search engine results page (SERP). While a website appearing at the top on SERP seems to be doing well, it is not necessarily generating business. Rank can be improved for a certain keyword and get lot of traffic. But if the site does not have relevant content, then search engines will degrade your website rank over the time. Read More
Priyanka Shitole

In talking with many managers and business owners about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it occurred to me that most of them think SEO is merely the use of h1 tags and plenty of relevant keywords in the body copy of their websites. But that is not the complete picture of how search engines perceive websites to be search-engine “friendly” or optimized. SEO is a process, and a long one, of getting traffic to the websites from search engines in “organic,” “natural” and “free” ways. The major search engines deliver results based on relevance of search terms and content found on the websites.
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Advertising with Attitude

In this day and age of online media, cookies, click-throughs, and tracking customer characteristics and tendencies all in order to influence them towards a product or a brand, have we lost touch? Every day people are barraged with cookie-cutter online ads, banners boasting free shipping, splash pages getting in the way of that interesting article, rich media begging for interaction, and video commercials interrupting their favorite streaming show. That’s why advertising and marketing campaigns that are different, funny, or maybe even a little controversial can be a breath of fresh air to a consumer.

As a Bergen County local, over the years I have noticed some very refreshing advertising with some great attitude. Of all the places, the Hillsdale Public Library caught my eye time and time again with a simple plastic lawn sign and a whole lot of attitude and wit. Read More

The Power of Content Marketing

Priyanka Shitole

It has been a long and ever-lasting debate – whether marketers should focus on quantity or quality of the content. It would be ideal to balance the two. Search engines like Google and its frequently changing algorithms have a stand on content creation. One of the SEO tactics is to produce fresh content, whereas recent algorithm updates demand unique and relevant content to all marketing efforts. While both of these strategies have their merits, the real challenge lies more in distributing the content than in creating it. Content marketing facilitates the delivery of content and brand values through the website and distribution channels, therefore, marketers should concentrate on the content distribution plans along with strategic content creation.
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