David Gisler

I think most people are creatures of habit. We get used to things a certain way, and it throws us off when things change. Even people in the creative field get used to systems and workflows—we may not even be aware of it. Some things really shouldn’t change too often or it could cause a lot of confusion. For example, imagine if every couple of months the Department of Transportation decided to unveil a new design for the stop sign or to change the color of the traffic lights to match current trends. Complete chaos. When it comes to navigation, whether on the streets or a website, too much change can cause problems.

I’m not saying all change is bad; it’s a fact of life and can lead to better things. Over the years in the advertising business, I’ve watched a lot of things come and go and just plain change into something totally different. Imagine life without the Internet or trying to communicate with clients without email. Remember when searching was done in the Yellow Pages and the phone or fax was the primary method of communication? Read More