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Words and Pictures Creative.Service. is exactly what the name implies: a creative core with a service underscore.

We integrate words with pictures for on-target creative, while also keeping your target market within the crosshairs. "Creative" is what we do best. "Service" is how we do it.


Words and Pictures is a nimble, strategic, cunning player on the marketing field. So whatever the story of your product or service, we know how to play it and where to share it. To get consumers and end-users interacting with your brand, our advertising arsenal includes all things digital, as well as the tried and true standards. By sharpening our team's skill set with industry seminars, we keep pace with the latest cyber and social media marketing approaches - all the virtual ways to reach and target customers that seem to emerge every ten minutes. We strategize marketing plans; we create brand identity; we manage social media and SEO; we kick 50-yard field goals – okay, maybe that last one's a stretch, but you get the picture – we're passionate players.




What do you want to be when you grow up? Whether you have a startup company with no brand identity, an established company in need of a re-brand, or a virtually unknown new product or service, we can help you define your own claim of distinction. By conducting our "Brand Discovery Session" with you and your core team, we uncover facts and insights that we turn into unique selling qualities - that turn into the creative communications - that become the common voice of your brand.

Web and Mobile Development

<?php if ($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])?> – That's code for "we know technology." Our team of front- and back-end developers excel at transforming beautiful design into functional and innovative websites, mobile sites and banners. Our finesse with the latest technology includes adaptive/responsive websites, mobile websites, and mobile apps, as well as database setup and management and content management systems.

Market Research

"My mom loves your widgets." Or does she? Only the smart marketer knows for sure. Do you need a down-and-dirty online survey or full-blown national quantitative research? We are well versed in all types of external market research: qualitative, quantitative, focus groups, consumer and B2B. But we also see the value in internal research. Before embarking on a brand development campaign, we take you through a discovery process that reveals the unique selling points and differentiating qualities of your product or service, which we use as the foundation to develop the marketing, media and creative strategy.

Media Marketing

Looking to target Millennials who play basketball and live in Rhode Island? Or want a national campaign to target Baby Boomers who love Mexican food? Thanks to the digital media-empowered world we live in, you can get as macro as you want with audience demographics, geographic reach and purchasing habits. Give us the Who, Where, What and How Much, and our media team will recommend an integrated media plan that will deliver, technically speaking, the most bang for the buck.

Customized Copy, Design & Art Direction

Our copywriters, art directors and designers breathe ideas and think in concepts. We come up with creative solutions that not only deliver marketing results but also win awards, because they are empowered by the strength of your brand and the wants of your customers. And our copy is key when it comes to website optimization, because we utilize a trademarked SEO process incorporating keywords. Words and Pictures is not just the name of our company; it's what we do best.

Concept Development & Content Strategy

How do you create content and monitor a corporate Facebook page? How do you write website copy to achieve search engine optimization? How do you develop a creative concept into an e-blast, a web banner and a social media campaign? What type of content should be included in a mobile web banner? These are the types of creative conundrums that we can help you navigate through, while maintaining brand consistency and a common brand voice.

Client Engagement

Meet one of our client engagement managers, and you'll quickly learn that we know when to talk, when to listen, and when to act. Think of us as your "marketing partner next door." As a Words and Pictures creative.service. client, we will engage you in our work process from the very first discovery session. We value your input and insights and listen to your concerns. With the exceptional creative product we deliver comes the equally exceptional service that underscores everything we do. You can count on that.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

We've established the brand's destination. Now how do we get there? Our marketing strategists will develop an actionable marketing roadmap, which may include an integrated mix of digital, traditional and social media, SEO, skywriting and maybe even matchbook covers, if the proverbial shoe fits. If the marketing plan is strategic, it's not so much where you're going; it's how you get there - and the customers you recruit along the way.

Here are just some of the ways we can deliver for your brand:






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