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Yes, there is a marketing method to our madness. Many steps go into the making of the big idea – and that’s a good idea.

The following is a six-step methodology that we use when developing a branding or integrated marketing campaign. This intuitive process ensures that the campaign is on-target, deliverable, and measurable.

It's not the research that we love - it's the discoveries! There may be a ton of insight out there about your product or service that you have not yet uncovered. What are consumers thinking but not saying? What social media platforms are they using to share opinions about your industry? We are well versed in all types of external market research: qualitative, quantitative, focus groups, consumer and business to business. But we also see the value in internal research. Before embarking on a brand development campaign, we take clients through a discovery process that reveals the unique selling points and differentiating qualities of that client's product and service. The result is a claim of distinction that resonates from within. It's the core from which all messages flow in a targeted, cohesive way. And the best part is - the words and pictures make it all happen. That's where we really shine.

Your advertising message must be creative to get noticed, but it must deliver results to be successful. That's why our creative product is always constructed with the marketing strategy as its foundation. As important as the creative's "wow" factor is the ability to meet your marketing objectives, whether it's to increase awareness, manage reputation, improve engagement, or sell more widgets. Working with you as your marketing partner for a thorough review and understanding of your objectives, our strategists will establish an actionable marketing roadmap.

This is where the spark happens - the creative development phase that gets our collective hearts beating and brings our creative team to life. We start with a brainstorm session and let the ideas fly and formulate. Based on the identified strengths of your brand and the wants of your customers and end users, our team will recommend creative business solutions that meet your marketing objectives. "Off-the-shelf," "cookie-cutter" and "expected" are not in our vocabulary. It's no accident that over the past 25 years, our ideas (in many forms) have garnered industry awards for creativity as well as for marketing effectiveness. They go hand in hand.

So we have the big idea. How do we turn it into a successful marketing plan? If it's a website, we develop the wire frame, write the content, brand it, code it and test it. If it's a web banner, e-blast, mobile banner, or the like, we convert the creative message into digital media, determine the technical specifications, code it, set up tracking and test. And whether its final form is paper or 3-D communication, we transform the concept into a strategic finished product. But the beauty is that all communications vehicles, whether digital or print, originate from the same brand strategy - with uniformity and consistency for all.

As the creative products are produced and digitized, the media plan takes form. Based on your target audience demographics, geographic reach and budget, our media team will put together an integrated media plan that will deliver the most results for the money. Once creative is developed, our production team will traffic the ads and digital assets, schedule the e-blasts, implement testing, dot the i's and cross the t's before your campaign ever hits the streets, cyber or otherwise. Our production and traffic teams take pride in ensuring that all campaigns are produced on time and within budget.

Time for campaign therapy! We gather and analyze real-time metrics to evaluate how well your campaign is working, ask why it's not working, or determine how it can work better. This is especially important with websites, social media campaigns, and search engine marketing, where metrics are readily available and changes can be made on-the-fly if needed. Monitoring campaign analytics improves your long term ROI; and post-analysis results reveal how to build and continue the success of your company.