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We’ve been delivering strategic creative marketing services for 25 years.

As we cross the threshold of our 25th year, we embrace our evolution to a digital agency, celebrate our origins as a traditional agency, and remember the consistent theme that has carried us through: ideas. Give us your goals and prepare to be amazed. Our brainstorm sessions are filtered through brilliant cross-generational thinkers, who produce innovative ideas with incredibly fresh perspectives. Although the marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the past 25 years, we are reminded of one simple truth: whatever the medium, you always need words and pictures.

Words to provoke thoughts... pictures to remember them.


Words and Pictures was founded in 1987 by Madison Avenue veterans Rhonda Smith and Wesley Shaw. Hundreds of campaigns, several economic carnival rides, and 25 years later, we're still here, with more fortitude than ever. Today, digital technology is a core competency, and our fundamental values and creative focus remain as strong as ever. Words and Pictures is comprised of a team of diverse professionals: marketing and brand strategists, engagement managers, copywriters, art directors, designers, web developers, media planners, social media managers and production specialists who perform small miracles for clients who don't mind growing their businesses and winning awards. Our strategic thinking and brand-driven creative are underscored by the service with which we deliver them.

Words and Pictures is certified as a woman-owned, small business in the state of New Jersey.


Words and Pictures is comprised of a diverse group whose individuality is celebrated and whose team spirit is nurtured. As a small, woman-owned business, we are blind to gender, race, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. But we're "eyes wide open" when it comes to finding mind-blowing talent. This is one reason the agency has grown even during the height of the recession. The other reason? Responsible and effective planning. Now, isn't that just the kind of management you want working with your marketing budget?

As a civic-minded organization, we, as a company, donate our time and talents to at least two charitable causes per year, and we encourage our employees to donate time to causes of their own. We believe in working hard, rewarding accomplishments, and giving back.

"As a group, we're someone we'd like to hang out with." From jazz cruises to Yankee games to spa days, our group outings are special occasions that tear down the office walls and bring us closer as individuals. Members of our staff have also been known to cavort after hours rock climbing, 3D movie-going or happyhouring.

How do we engage with clients? We think of ourselves as a marketing partner – one who knows when to listen, when to talk, and when to act. This could be the reason we have retained some clients for 24 years and have experienced long tenures with many employees. People we like; long-term relationships we love.


Rhonda Smith


Rhonda Smith loves being other people – at least onstage. When not performing to a theater audience, she is performing on the job, either writing the marketing strategy or creative content or presenting it to clients. She believes advertising and acting share important similarities: to sell effectively, you have to be able to read your audience and know how to play to them.

Wesley Shaw


Wes Shaw brings the same vision and vast palette of ideas to a brainstorm or brand discovery session that he brings to his paintings. As an American Impressionist painter, Wes has been known to impress a few clients, whether the medium is canvas, print, broadcast or web.

David Gisler


Dave Gisler is a contemporary fine artist who, after the recent additions to his family, has graduated from oil paints and clay to crayons and playdough. But no matter the medium, David's talent and creative strategy shine through as shown by the many awards his work has won for clients. Though the youngsters at home shout loudly, his communicative designs speak even louder to his intended audience. (Try talking to Dave. If he doesn’t hear you, he's meeting a deadline.)

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Laura Ward


Laura Ward knows how to score for clients. As a team player for a NYC hockey league, she brings the same aggression she uses on the ice to her work method as production manager. She finds cutting-edge solutions, demands the best results, and lets nothing block her ambitious goals.

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Ryan Huban


Ryan Huban graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Art Direction, but not before founding the prestigious school's comedy troupe on campus. Now, an engagement director by day, comedian by night, Ryan performs improv regularly in New York City. Thanks to his quick-thinking theatrics, he has a sharp mind and unique worldly perception that constantly ignite fresh ideas for clients. Given any marketing plan, he can point out missed opportunities in a flash and offer strategic solutions in-line with business objectives. (Is he a pleasure to work with? Don't make us laugh...)

Priyanka Shitole


When the right side of her brain isn’t programming websites or analyzing the results of our clients' online media, Priyanka engages the left side of her brain by writing poetry, painting glass, working with clay, embroidering and cooking new dishes. With such a strong creative flair, she has the rare ability to find clever back-road solutions when encountering internet dead-ends. Whether writing digital code or literary verse, Priyanka is programmed with passion.

Emily Shields


If you prick Emily's finger, ink oozes out. Maybe that's because her parents are printers, which also could explain her love affair with paper - not just any paper but beautifully textured, patterned, handmade papers that she transforms into unique works of art, collages, even a wall sconce (once). She also is a shameless shopoholic, gets a kick from roller coasters and dabbles in Scrabble - so lucky for us, she's good at words as well as pictures.

Christina Checinski


When she's not designing layouts, Chris designs home interiors. The same finesse of color, texture and style that she brings to home décor complements her command of balance, symmetry and composition in graphic design. That little round, mosaic tile, accent table in her hallway, she created from leftover tiles in her bathroom and kitchen. (Just imagine what she can do with a blank piece of paper!)

Abigail Gary


Abby loves what she does so much that she even writes to, well, do right. When not penning ad copy for us or running a household with a husband, three sons (ages 17, 21, and 24), two dogs and three Siamese cats, Abby is a writing tutor to high school kids and life coach, plus does a fair amount of volunteer work for the church, which includes their website and publicity. Who says you can't have a creative edge and a generous spirit in the same package?

Linda Danh


Linda loves to flex her creative muscles not just through graphic design but through fine arts such as painting, handcrafting, photography and gallery going; and through music from indie to post-rock and eclectic artists from experimental to electronic. And her love of outdoor adventuring, yoga, and even rock climbing works her physical and mental muscles as well. Perhaps that’s why she’s so focused in her work, yet so flexible to work with?

Joyce Didakow


Joyce's dexterity with numbers keeps our finances on track and our company in balance, but Joyce's personal interests go way beyond the numbers. If you want to know the latest Yankee score, the best show to see on Broadway or need a movie recommendation, don't bother doing the math, just ask Joyce.

Tim Shanley


Being allergic to pretty much everything outdoors doesn’t keep Tim from being an outdoor enthusiast: sunsets, stargazing, camping, hiking, skiing…target practice (?). Yeah, that’s right. Tim not only enjoys clay shooting, he’s good at it, which could explain why his design and development work always hit the mark. Tim also devotes his time and talents to his church and has gone on two “life-changing” mission trips.